Lock Replacement

Losing the keys to your home, business or car can be very upsetting. Replacing a lock can be difficult and frustrating. An experienced locksmith can help you and have your lock replaced in a very short time. Knowing that you can make one phone call to TnT Locksmith for lock replacement gives you a feeling of safety and security.

TnT Locksmith service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. When you call, we will let you know what time to expect us at your location. Our locksmiths are trained and very skilled in their jobs. When the locksmith arrives, just ask for his identification certificate for your own assurance. TnT Locksmith is a professional emergency lock replacement service that provides quick and reliable service at very competitive rates.

TnT Locksmith has lock replacement services for all your needs. This includes rekeying broken or damaged locks or supplying you with a new secure lock system. Most replacement locks are brought with them, saving time and insuring that the job will be done in a matter of minutes. We have the following services available for you.

Residential Services

You should always feel secure in your own home. Knowing you have the best security for you and your family will give you peace of mind. For any of your residential lock replacement requirements, just give TnT Locksmith a call. If you are locked out of your home, we will arrive in a short time to get the door unlocked, repaired, or change the current lock. You will feel safe and secure with a security package from TnT Locksmith.

Commercial Services

TnT Locksmith is available for your commercial needs as well. Regardless of the business size, TnT has solutions for the safety of your business. We can install or repair an alarm system, an intercom system, panic bars, and peepholes. We can also do a lock replacement on any building, file cabinets, safes and vaults, or make new keys.

Automotive Services

Besides unlocking your car, we can also unlock your trunk. We can make new keys, or do a lock replacement. If a key break in the lock, we normally can retrieve the broken key, but if we can’t, we are also able to do a lock replacement. We can duplicate keys no matter where you are.
If you need a lock replacement service, access control, intrusion security, monitoring, or surveillance, you can feel safe calling TnT Locksmith. We are insured, licensed, bonded and all our locksmiths are trained and certified.